Monday, April 16, 2012

LinkedIn: To Connect or Not to Connect: That IS the Question!

So, you're sitting at your desk checking emails when you see a LinkedIn profile of someone with whom you'd really like to connect. There's one problem: You have no idea who this person is, but you attempt to connect anyway. What's wrong with that?


There's been a lot of debate around making connections with individuals on LinkedIn, and the general rule is this: don't connect if you don't know them. Why? You'll be penalized. Check this out:


Making professional connections is the best way to do business and to continue building relationships with those in whom you trust, so follow the rules. If you see a profile of a potential connection you'd be interested in learning more about, do some simple research to see if they are a second or third line connection with someone you know, and ask those who know them to introduce you. LinkedIn generally sees this as a more constructive, less invasive way to produce results for you. Here's how:


Just like many relationships, if you don't follow the rules, you'll be in trouble. LinkedIn will penalize you by asking you to provide a contact email for EVERY future request to connect, whether known or not. Don't go there! The economy appears to be shifting, however slightly it may be. As such, if you feel the urge to make connections with professionals in your area and wish to begin those relationships quickly, this process will be well worth the simple steps above that LinkedIn provides for you. With the job market being what it is, you simply can't afford to do otherwise.

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