Friday, March 16, 2012

Social "ME"dia: What Are You Waiting For?

Like it or not, social media has become one of the primary venues for communication regarding business networking and online job searches and applications. As of July 2011, professional social network giant LinkedIn reported that they would be providing a plugin that allows candidates to apply for jobs listed by employers using their LinkedIn profile. Today, at least 150 million use it, anyway.

Hiring managers are looking to use social media to hire qualified employees. Will you be among them?


Career Advisor Heather Huhman addresses many things social media-check her out. I've met many lately at various networking events that have no desire to create social media accounts that translate to an online presence. I add this to Heather's thoughts: why might you be afraid? In short, employers harness these platforms to make professional connections and to recruit talent. If you're not in, you're out.


Not familiar with social media venues such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook for business? Take an online tutorial. has many free resources, and each social media platform has many training pages available to help you navigate creating an account with them. Most are free. Most can help you land the best job you've ever had.


When using social media, you control the content. Be honest. Use connections with past career relationships that will help you. Get recommendations. Post your resume. Use the search engines they provide to apply for jobs in which you're interested. Market yourself. If you're not great at doing these things, find a friend who is and get some help with it. It's your life!


The days of background checks and paper resumes remain. However, social media is fast becoming the best way to network and get a great job-quickly. The data is out there. So, do you want a great job? Do you want to be competitive? I challenge you to get on board. Don't wait. Chances are, hundreds are applying for the same position. Will you stand out online?

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